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xx poster

The first thing that catches my attention on this poster is the black cross inside the white cross. The whole poster is composed of a gradient of crosses that enlarge from the centre left of the page outwards. This effect is firstly created using a stroke. The cross leads to a text on the bottom […]

website research 1

I think this retail website is heavenly because of the layout but mainly because of the navigation facility. The first thing that catches your attention is the image in the centre which can be clicked on and accessed with facility. Other pictures at the bottom of the page are well organised and good quality. The logo […]

website research 2

The evening standard is a news website. i think this website is good because of the context given and shown. I like the way the logo or title of the news webpage is on the top left hand corner because it is easy to see and the person looking at it can quickly grasp what […]

website research 3

The layout of the website of the British museum is well done. Firstly the logo placed on the top left corner has a simple white font with the name of the museum. The colours of most of the text in this website is white with a couple being grey which makes it stand out because […]

website research 4

The website the Louvre uses quite a simple style of writting, where the font is white and capitalized. The logo is basic and doesn’t exactly stand out the way it should. The logo could be more eye catching and bold. The navigational cues are good. You can easily access various links shown, but also open […]

website research 5

The Sun is a news website that is has a good website. First of all the logo on the top left corner is well placed and clear. The use of type used in this website is bold. The text in the centerof the page is capitalized, bold, and enlarged. This is good because it grabs […]

poster evaluation 2

This poster for the film Oblivion was made using photo shop. Many layers are used to create this poster. This poster uses an oval shaped layout with the title at the bottom and the background that stands out. The first thing that we can see is the man at the bottom middle of the poster. […]