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Christmas joke animation treatment 1

Q. Why is 6 afraid of 7?

A. Because 7, 8, 9

The animation is based on the joke. 6 is a shy, timid, lonely, and weak number and number 7 is a strong, big number who is constantly bullying number 6. 6 is fed up of 7 and one day decides to stand up against 7. However number 7 is stronger than 6 so he decides to take advantage and play around with him. He invited his friends and together they throw him around, kick him, chuck objects at him, and make him do all sorts of things just because he stood up to them. After this poor, defenceless number 6 still stands up against them with truth and bravery, having had enough of this number 7 finally decides to eat him. Right after this as he turns around to show off his toughness to his friend he is swallowed by a much larger number, number 10. In the end all of number 7’s friends learn to be kind and respect everyone because they never know what can happen to them and that they shouldn’t do to other’s what they don’t want others to do to them. The style of animation I would like to do for this animation is stop-motion.


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