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Initial digital development

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Font research: Eurostar Eurostar is one the the transport branding services that I think have a brilliant branding identity by using their signature font to communicate to others rather than simply labeling something. They have their own designed font family, which they have used in order to design their logo and other icons for their […]

holiday branding research

Holiday branding research From what I have researched regarding holiday branding, I have gathered that the means used to advertise and or brand; for example websites, brochures, and posters, are supposed to be appealing enough for the audience within the first couple of seconds. Your targeted audience should be convinced that what they’re looking at […]

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Transport Branding-research

Transport branding CORPORATE IDENTITY The visual and corporate identity of any transport company is important. With every transport company, a consistent identity which shows the important values of the organisation is essential. Designing the right identity that covers specific values is important when it comes to corporate branding. ONLINE BRANDING Transport brands need to not […]