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Final Major Project evaluation

For my Final major project I decided to do something graphic based, as it’s what I enjoyed the most throughout this course and also what I will be studying later on in university so I thought this project could be of help and use to me (experience wise).

I began by looking at branding in general and the different types of transport ads available how they’re currently being branded. I then saw an advert regarding P&O cruises; the Britannia more specifically, and decided to base my project on the rebranding of the Britannia cruise ship. The Britannia cruise ship is currently being branded in a way that is appealing to an older more elderly generation (retired people) as most cruise ships are. It also has a traditional British approach. I decided to re brand it for a more specific public such as families and disabled children.

I started off by researching transport, holiday, and family branding. I also looked at various examples of well-known brands such as Eurostar, P&O cruises, and their logos. I researched the history of advertising, posters etc. I then sketched out some ideas and developed them in my sketchbook so that I could then experiment with them digitally. I used my sketchbook as a foundation for my designs and bought them into photoshop and illustrator to build upon it.

The software I used to design the brochure & logo was illustrator and I used Photoshop to design the website edit images of the cruise ship. However, I had previously used In Design to design the brochure but the software wasn’t at it’s best and did not work properly, also the version I was using at home was old and I couldn’t open my work in college. So instead I continued my work on illustrator and worked mostly at home as the software version didn’t allow me to open the file in the college computers. I think I could have saved more time by working on illustrator from the start instead of having to re-do/change everything again.

After I had come up with some ideas and work I asked for feedback from the teachers to see what I could improve, what could be changed or taken away, and further advice. This helped me expand on my work and build on it. Although I am fairly pleased with my final outcome I would’ve liked to of spent more time experimenting digitally for a better outcome and final piece.  Regardless of this, I think I spent my time correctly; researching, sketching, and working on the final piece.


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