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Character Design evaluation

Character Design evaluation

For this assignment I started off looking at various sources online to get inspiration from. I researched fables and myths online and my initial idea was to do Poseidon-god of the seas from the greek myths. I used my sketchbook to sketch different ideas and concepts. However, I then decided to go for the tale of little red riding hood. This was the sketch that I then developed onto photoshop by scanning it. By sketching various ideas and characters it helped me to decide between the two and which one was the best. I’m happy with software I used to design my character because I think it’s the most appropriate for this specific task and I think I would have struggled if I were to have done it in illustrator.

I was inspired by Carter Goodrich’s character designs which he has created for many well known animations such as Finding Nemo, despicable me, The Croods, and many more.

I asked for feedback from family members and they advised me to add mor shading so that there was more contrast which I changed. I think I could have made more effort into this assignment by coming up with more positions the character could be in so that there’s a better view of things and more turnarounds.


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