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Weather app evaluation

Weather app evaluation:

For this assignment I chose to do the weather app as it’s more graphic based, which is what I wanted. I started off by researching apps in general and then weather apps more specifically.I also looked for inspiration and ideas for what could make my app more specific to a certain type of viewer. I decided to design my weather app targeted at audiences who play sports and outdoor activities. So the weather app I designed is basically for people who would like to know what sorts of sports or other outdoor activities are advised for the current weather. Activities and sports such as football, swimming, golf, and even picnics. As well as providing you with general weather information, it gives you a list on what sports or activities you can plan for the day. With the app you are also able to point your smartphone in any direction and the app will indicate where the hottest or coldest spot is nearby. You are able to swipe around the hour wheel to view the weather for that specific hour. In the weekly forecast you can press on each day for more specific information regarding precipitation and wind speed etc.

I used my sketchbook to come up with ideas and concepts, which I then developed and experimented on photoshop. For the symbols I would use for the app I scanned in previous sketches and developed them on photoshop. However, I used illustrator for my final designs. I also used illustrator for my app icon. To design the rest of the weather app I used Photoshop.

I think I could have maybe incorporated more of my research, ideas, and concepts into my final design. I should have spent more time designing the final app and incorporating my initial ideas, which I didn’t include because of the lack of time. Overall I am pleased with my final outcome. I believe I completed what was asked in the assignment brief and carefully planned it out.


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