Character Design evaluation

Character Design evaluation For this assignment I started off looking at various sources online to get inspiration from. I researched fables and myths online and my initial idea was to do Poseidon-god of the seas from the greek myths. I used my sketchbook to sketch different ideas and concepts. However, I then decided to go […]

Weather app evaluation

Weather app evaluation: For this assignment I chose to do the weather app as it’s more graphic based, which is what I wanted. I started off by researching apps in general and then weather apps more specifically.I also looked for inspiration and ideas for what could make my app more specific to a certain type […]


Final Major Project evaluation For my Final major project I decided to do something graphic based, as it’s what I enjoyed the most throughout this course and also what I will be studying later on in university so I thought this project could be of help and use to me (experience wise). I began by […]

Initial digital development

colour palette, web design, logo Initial digital development photoshop.