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Font research: Eurostar

Eurostar is one the the transport branding services that I think have a brilliant branding identity by using their signature font to communicate to others rather than simply labeling something. They have their own designed font family, which they have used in order to design their logo and other icons for their services such as symbols used and others. They have a unique curved elongated lines in some letters that stand out and are easily recognizable among other. One thing they did do is re-brand because their many different services available limited them so they decided to re-brand and unify the train transport company to generalize it more. They also deigned a typeface for all the transportation directions once you’re in the Eurostar. This make the brand identity strong as everything links together.

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holiday branding research

Holiday branding research

From what I have researched regarding holiday branding, I have gathered that the means used to advertise and or brand; for example websites, brochures, and posters, are supposed to be appealing enough for the audience within the first couple of seconds. Your targeted audience should be convinced that what they’re looking at is for them and engages them.

Regarding holiday branding research I figured an emotional connection and response is key in this particular area. People are intrigued by snappy captions and bold, short, catchy phrases. Imaging and pictures are essential alongside good online advertisement, as advertising online is a good way to promote brand awareness and would be especially effective during the holiday seasons. Virgin Media holidays promote cheap quality holiday trips to a worldly extent.

Tourism is one of the main sources of economic ingression in the world today and is therefore something taken in advantage when it comes to branding and identity. An emotional appeal is strongly regarded upon in branding holidays. Holidays abroad mostly encourages new unknown experiences so would require plenty of imaging and nice cultural experiences available to be shown when branding this. The layout for this sort of holiday branding is also very important as images are usually what takes up most of the space. The same thing applies when deigning brochures and posters specifically. The fonts used are also essential when designing a brand. The font you use should reflect your organisation or the company you are branding.

Online sources-holiday branding:



Online sources-holiday website examples:


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Transport Branding-research

Transport branding


The visual and corporate identity of any transport company is important. With every transport company, a consistent identity which shows the important values of the organisation is essential. Designing the right identity that covers specific values is important when it comes to corporate branding.

ONLINE BRANDINGCitaro-airport-livery

Transport brands need to not only apply their values to physical things such as vehicles, stations, street furniture, leaflets and timetables, but they also need to be aware and progressive in their use of digital media. Effective use of the brand online, coupled with effective and valuable websites, social communication and apps can lead to a much stronger relationship with customers, with reduced customer service interaction.  Maintaining good social connections with customers online can improve response times to customer concerns whilst improving trust and public perception of the brand. For this reason online advertisement of the transport means and branding is an important factor to consider when branding something such as the above examples.



In the ever changing rail business environment, it’s important to ensure that rail services are marketed effectively. It doesn’t just mean making yourself known to passengers but does in fact mean a great many things from understanding the target market. Loads of famous automobile companies spend a huge amount of money annually to advertise their products to customers.

Livery design is an important part of any transport company’s identity. It’s also one of the largest marketing canvasses available to most businesses. Getting the design of livery and vehicle graphics right is important to the upcoming success of any transport brand.

A public transport brand should be differentiated from all other similar services in the world in order to become unique. This way it can become an attraction in itself and a city brand. Transport has become a something vital in this past century and the branding and marketing of it is one of the factors which has made it popular the way it now is. From going to work early in the morning to taking a holiday trip to South America transport is something everyone uses. aeroplanes, ships, and trains, are three among the many means of transport which are branded, advertised, and marketed in such a way that the purpose of the brand is as important as the actual trip in itself.

From a website online they identified eight main categories or elements of a comprehensive branding, marketing, and communications plan:

  • System brand – logos, color schemes, vehicle designs & wraps
  • Internal communication – organizational action plans, brand training
  • User education – special event outreach, school programs, free trials, user guides
  • User information systems – maps & diagrams, timetables, wayfinding systems
  • Marketing campaign – print ads, guerrilla marketing, TV & radio spots, “freebies”
  • Public relations & external communications – press kit, media plan, neighborhood notices
  • Feedback systems – call centers, comment cards
  • Online presence – website, social media, mobile apps

Eight tactics to the public transport:

  • Brand and identity
  • Internal communication
  • User education
  • User information systems
  • Marketing campaigns
  • Public relations and external communications
  • User feedback systems
  • Online engagement

Online sources:



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The Britannia Cruise-research

The Britannia Cruise ship-Research

The Britannia Cruise ship is a newly created ship, which set sail for the first time in 2015. The company it’s under is P&O Cruises. They have branded and advertised P&O cruises the way most cruises are advertised which is towards retired, elderly, and in some cases to family audiences. However, I would like to emphasize the branding of the cruise ship on families and disabled children. They are both very relatable so it would be easier to put this together and brand it in one way instead of having to brand for two targeted audiences.


The way the Britannia cruise ship is currently being branded and advertised I think is exceptional. They have decided to go for a traditional British theme and idea, which enforces a high-class style. They have also stuck with the British flag colours and incorporated that onto the design of the ship but also onto some of the advertising factors. For example the website they designed uses a lot of blue and white. They’re brochure also uses similar colours and plenty of images.Four different brochures are available differing on the year and places they go to. This is something I need to think about when doing my brochure as each one contains different information, or I could design one for the whole cruise.

The logo is also composed of pretty much the same colours and is easily associated with the cruise ship experience which is important to think about when I begin to design my own logo for the cruise ship as it has to reflect what the cruise is actually about and the whole atmosphere and approach of it. I think their logo is really good and simple and identifies them specifically differing to the P&O logo. The logo instantly reflects a standard British approach specifically; where as the P&O logo suggests something different. They have managed to make it stand out and be unique from other cruises in the P&O Company.

download (1)

Apart from having done all the branding assets they have also created a TV advert promoting the cruise ship, which is a very good idea and also something, that most cruising lines do offer. While watching they’re advert on TV I saw the way they portrayed everything and it was encouraging. They used the logo and created a fly-through of the ship as a mean of advertisement.

images (2) images (1)

These are some of the factors regarding branding that I gathered, which I think are important so that people can straight away gather that it is a professional trustworthy cruising experience they can rely on. In general they have kept a traditional British approach to most things including the branding of it all. In my re-branding project I would like to make it seem more international and also be able to reflect the family and children theme onto the branding and advertising of the cruise ship.

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